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BowTie Barbecue

About us

BowTie Barbecue Co. is built upon a series of 'integrities' that we strive to maintain and build as we operate, three of those being Agricultural, Education, and Ethical. We work out of a scratch kitchen, which means we pretty much make everything by hand. Our sauces are made in small batches, our fries hand cut, and our batters mixed by our team. We don't mess around! Tradition is an incredibly important aspect of life in both families and restaurants. That's why we chose to feature a few favorites from the past. The Batterless Fried Chicken has been and will be a part of our lives forever. This is a tradition that will stand the test of time! Brown Water, as our friends up in Charleston, SC like to call it, identifies with a few of our other integrities: Crafted, Technical, and Prideful. So much goes into making the fine spirits that grace the wall in our bar, The Garage. The perfect marriage or grains, malts, water, yeast, and barrels have all gone into creating spirits that, for some, are 20 or more years in the making!